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Women who Dare This collection of poems was written by women from Longsight’s Women’s Voices, a group run by Nadia Siddiqui. The project was supported and funded by New Writing North and Manchester Literature Festival.  The women took part in six creative writing workshops held at Longsight Library.

Using the poem “Still I rise” by Maya Angelou as inspiration, along with creative exercises, breathing mindfulness and music, they built up their confidence in themselves and their creative and writing abilities.

In these sessions they found out about other women who have dared to achieve despite the odds and they shared with each other women role models from their countries of origin (see end page for our list of “woman who dare”) . Many of the women in women’s voices are refugees or asylum seekers, some are dealing with other significant life challenges. The poems they have written open doors into their present, past and future lives.

Please see their poems on:


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