Our Stories

‘When we came to Women’s Care Group, they helped us use our skills to make things. We started to crochet and sew, making blankets and clothes…We wanted to start making things so that we could sell them and make some money to support our group…That’s why Women’s Voices helps us so much…they really understand us, they are patient and calm, and they inspire us…I don’t want this project to ever end.’

 – Women’s Voices Volunteer

‘I had to leave my country because of political persecution…

I arrived in the UK 10 years ago in London, having been trafficked from my country with the promise of work and a better life for my family; I ended up being forced to work on the streets, my passport and documents were taken from me. I was scared and isolated. I couldn’t speak English and did not understand the culture. I couldn’t ask for help as I was told that I would be put in prison, I could only relate to prison in my home country, which was awful – I became very scared of the police, constantly thinking I was going to get arrested.

Eventually, I found a way out and started to work in a Care Home, but not for long as I was detained. I was kept in Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre in Bedfordshire, not a nice place. When I was in there the women told me about the support in Manchester, that there were other women in the same situation, and I could get help, so I asked to be relocated to Manchester. This is where I met Nadia and Women’s Voices. I have a “family” now.’

– Women’s Voices Volunteer

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